Offering Christ's hope to youth and families
for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.

Colin & Jodie Frey


My first contact with NYP was in 1996 through the Trails program. My wife, Jodie, first came to visit her sister in the summer of 1995. Our paths crossed when I came up for the summer in 1998. I joined the team full time in 1999 for a year and a half while Jodie continued summer ministry. We married in 2002 and spent two summers at camp after our marriage. Three years later we joined the Business Office team for 7 months as bookkeeper. Two years later, in 2009, we again joined the team, but indefinitely. Since then, our roles have changed to leading the Headquarters team and managing the Business Office.

We have grown immensely in personal ways over these last years. I am grateful for the opportunities that God has given us to grow. They haven't all been easy, but they have been good. Jodie and I also face the challenge of raising Godly children in this messed up world, while we recognize that we ourselves are also messed up. We are thankful for the team at NYP and the support and understanding that each individual brings into our lives. We are honoured to be a part of God's work here in the north.


Heavenly Father, give us wisdom in raising our children to follow you. We pray that they will be able to withstand the murderous onslaught of Satan's daily attacks. Give Jodie and I grace as we interact with our children and help us to exemplify your characteristics in the way we relate to them. I pray that we may be a beacon of hope in the dark world around us. Amen.

Support Ministries

Business Office,
Business Administrator

Home town/church:
Pickens, SC: Pickens Mennonite Church

Children: Alairia, Tyra, Maiya, & Zoe

Year(s) of service: 12

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