Offering Christ's hope to youth and families
for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.

Trishia Plett


Hey! I’m Trish and I work in the office. Once upon a time not so long ago I was the receptionist I did all these nitty gritty things that keep the office together… Things like vacuuming aka sweeping the floors, cleaning the washrooms, and answering the phone. “Northern Youth Programs, this is Trish” was and is an incredible tongue twister in it’s own kind of way and I don’t miss needing to say that several times in a day. As already implied, I’m no longer the receptionist. I am now the Administrative Assistant.
While these two jobs have several similarities they’re really a lot different from each other when you decide to get really technical. So hey, I’ll skip the details of my job! If you really want to know you could shoot me an email.
When I’m not working I’m probably cleaning my house or doing laundry. Oh actually! Nope, I’m probably hanging out with my friends aka coworkers. Fishing (workdays with power outages are perfect afternoons for fishing!), enjoying northern lights, going for a walk, drinking coffee (oh, but I can do that at work too!) make up some of my favourite past times. I’m not a pro fisher but I guess I do it because it means I’m hanging out with some pretty awesome people making a fishless fishing experience worth every frustration and every fish that gets off the hook. I also enjoy travelling but let me clarify: I don’t usually enjoy long road trips.
So, that’s me! Well, kind of!


"I want to stand on higher ground –
to know His voice – the sweetest sound.
No turning back, I’m heaven-bound.
Lord, lift me up to higher ground."

by Ron and Shelly Hamilton

Support Ministries

Business Office,
Administrative Assistant

Home town/church:
Arborg, MB: Interlake Christian Fellowship

Year(s) of service: 3

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