Offering Christ's hope to youth and families
for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.

Tracia Ropp


Typography, InDesign, TIFFs, and pixels are a part of a typical day in the office for me. I love the challenge of communicating through design.

A lot of my time goes into taking pictures, sending emails, gathering content, doing research, having meetings, and sketching ideas for a project. Once this background work has been done, I am ready to play with color, fonts, and layout on the computer. This is a process all its own. Some days things roll along. Other days I hit creative block. Either way, drafts must be printed and proof-read. Edits are made and final approval is given before production can happen. Most times the end result is a poster, newsletter, booklet, or brochure. Sometimes it is a newspaper advertisement, banner, video, or magnet. No matter what form the media takes, the goal is that it communicates effectively.

Outside the office, I love being involved with Girls' Club, Youth Retreats, and other events at Beaver Lake Camp.


Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the love You have poured into my heart.
You are my source of life.
You are my hope.
You are my rock and fortress.
Help me keep my focus on You.
Give me wisdom, courage, and creativity
in spreading Your love to the people I meet.
Thank You, Jesus!

Support Services

Business Office,
NYM Graphic Designer

Home town/church:
Bemidji, MN: Kitchi Pines Mennonite Church

Year(s) of service: 5

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