Offering Christ's hope to youth and families
for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.

Clair & Clara Schnupp


We enjoy helping people understand how they can live up to their full potential for God in this life. We started by teaching school in a First Nations community in 1959. In 1967 we started Northern Youth Programs to work with youth and families across the north. Beaver Lake Camp became the focal point of the ministry to First Nations youth and families.

We have been conducting workshops and seminars in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland for over forty years. We thank God for our experience and our education. We both have Masters degrees in Biblical Counselling. Clair has a Doctor of Philosophy Degree.


Oh God, thank you that you saw fit to use us in your kingdom for over 50 years. Thank you God for caring about broken hearts and people. Continue to use us to help the broken hearts and people.

Arctic Discipleship

Business Office,
Founder, Arctic Ministries Program Manager

Home town/church:
Dryden, ON: Northwoods Chapel

Year(s) of service: 51

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