Offering Christ's hope to youth and families
for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.


Pray with us that the families who come to Beaver Lake Camp this winter can return to their home communities with new hope, stronger family relationships, and a deeper awareness of God’s love.

Beaver Lake Counselling exists to provide biblical counseling and discipleship to First Nations families in the region. Over the years, Beaver Lake Camp has become known as a safe haven for youth and families and a place of emotional and spiritual healing. Our goal is to strengthen and encourage families in their journey toward God.

Cindy, a former client, wrote how she met God in a life-changing way during her time at Beaver Lake Camp:

I received a Bible from one of the staff ladies. It was a good week at Beaver Lake Camp. That was the toughest time in my relationship with my at-the-time boyfriend, now husband Tom. I was on the verge of wanting to separate with him but I kept feeling this tug at my heart to keep pushing forward, to hang in there and everything
will be okay.

I remember waking up one morning at Camp saying to Tom, “I don’t know where this relationship between us is headed, but I no longer want to just wonder. I’m not expecting you to give your life to God the way I want to, but I want a better life for the kids and I.” To my surprise Tom looked at me and responded with, “I was thinking the same thing.”

We have had the toughest times but giving our relationship to God was the greatest choice we have ever made for our family. We have stumbled and fallen but still pray our hardest with each other and for each other to become stronger as a family. We are truly blessed to have such amazing godly friends who did not make us feel bad for our mistakes of turning to alcohol and drugs. We had their prayers to help us find our way!
Thank you all so much! Staff at Beaver Lake Camp, you all have impacted our lives in such a way that we will not forget! Love you guys! This Bible goes everywhere with me when I leave the community.
Cindy (name changed)

Last year the family counselling program went through an evaluation phase which included consulting with a number of First Nations Christian leaders and workers about what is needed in the region. This led to enhancements to the program.

The counselling centre has expanded to include several new counselling offices and additional room for teaching daily biblically-based educational seminars. Seminars include topics such as dealing with the pain of the heart, shame and self hatred, grief and loss, dynamics of abuse, addictions and the family, and anger and forgiveness. Each is tailored to the the families’ needs.

Participants meet daily with counsellors to address personal and relational issues. There is also opportunity for clients to participate in life-skills activities and group-based interactions with other clients and the Beaver Lake staff team. Families are encouraged to maximize their interactions as a family while minimizing digital and other distractions.

When the adults in a family are in pain, children often experience pain as well. With that in mind, Brent and Annette Schrock are developing a children and youth program based on the same material the parents learn in their seminars. This program is designed for and adjusted to fit the age and needs of the children and youth attending each retreat. Brent and Annette are able to spend one-on-one time with many of the youth.

The follow-up ministry involves travelling to northern communities to
stay in touch with families who came to Beaver Lake. The recent purchase of the Caravan is a significant asset in this endeavor to nurture ongoing relationships across the North.

To God be the Glory!

Written by: Mark Petersheim, BLCS Administrator