Offering Christ's hope to youth and families
for over 50 years, in northern Canada and beyond.

Who We Are

There is never lack for action at Northern Youth Programs. From small group Bible studies, Girls & Boys clubs, Counselling sessions, Prison visitation, Parenting workshops, wilderness camping, to all the behind the behind the scenes work of snow plowing, house keeping, cooking for large groups, paper work, administration, and mechanics, God's grace has many opportunities to spill out as love.

Below is a list of our organizations. Click on one to learn more about it.

NYM Ministries

NYM focuses on producing educational literature that is used in NYP's counselling setting throughout northwestern Ontario. Read More

Arctic Discipleship

Arctic Discipleship is an extension of NYM that includes literature and seminars being given beyond northwest Ontario to the rest of the global community. Read More

Beaver Lake Camp

BLC is a busy hub for youth and teen camps, workshops, counselling, family camp and more activities. Read More

Prison Ministry

Visiting 4 - 6 prisons a month brings us in contact with many First Nations youth, men and women who welcome godly social interaction. Read More

Aircraft Maintenance

Flying is an essential element for making our ministry happen in the north. Our 4 planes make it possible. Read More

Support Services

While our jobs involve computers, pencil pushing and phone calls, we also engage social outlets such as Sunday School, weekend retreats and wilderness camping to build friendships. Read More

PWTC Staff

Every summer teams of youth are sent to various First Nations Reservations to spread the Gospel through Bible studies, radio programs, literature distribution and visitation. Read More